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No car should be left unprotected on the UK's roads. With harsh weather and road conditions, your paintwork is at risk from damage at almost every corner. By booking in for a Kent Detailing Studio Protection Package, you'll be protecting your vehicle from elements. All of our protection packages are designed using the latest and greatest coating technologies, meaning you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is protected for up to 12 months.

Our protection packages also make washing easier and safer, saving you money over time. If you've recently had your vehicle detailed, but not protected, please be aware that although we can apply a protective coating, we will most likely need to carry out a further detail of your vehicle. Our protective coatings work best on decontaminated surfaces, therefore, it is likely we'll need to carry out this process before applying your coating.

Paint Ceramic Coatings

Starting from £300
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Paint Protection Film

Starting from £50
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Trim Ceramic Coating

Starting from £40
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Leather Ceramic Coating

Starting from £70
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Glass Ceramic Coating

Starting from £40
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Wheel Ceramic Coating

Starting from £99
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