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Its great to be back after a little while off from adding to these blogs, but when we had a car like this in I had to add it to the list.

When this Audi arrived with us it was in pretty good shape, mainly being driven on dry days it had certainly made the job easier for us.

If you have red our blogs below you will likely understand the route we take will all the vehicles we have in, regardless of how clean or dirty each one is cleaned the same- some are just easier then others.

We firstly set up our jet wash, get all our buckets filled and the compressed bottles pumped up. the products used on this vehicle are a mixture of Gyeon & Gtechniq. Starting with Gyeon Iron and a selection of wheel brushes, my favourites being Wheel Woolies for the barrels and a mixture of brushes for the faces and tires. Each wheel and arch liner is scrubbed and then rinsed off, once all four wheels are clean we move onto the paint work.

Although the r8 is very clean we still use Gyeon Bug & Grime along the high impact areas such as the front bumper, bonnet, windshield and mirrors. This product softens the bugs and grime ready to wash off.

Gyeon Foam was applied to the entirety of the vehicle and left to dwell, a great tip here is to grab a small detailing brush and agitate around badges, trims and seals- those typical hard to reach areas with a large mitt. Once the foam had done its job its was rinsed off using high powered water. Gyeon Bathe Essence is then used along side a high quality mitt working from top to the bottom whilst rinsing the mitt regularly.

Decontamination is the most important part of any good detail, I see many detailers skip this step but it really is key. Our Audi R8 is fully clayed using Bilt Hamber Medium Clay & a mixture of pure shampoo and 0ppm water to avoid to much water spotting. The Audi R8 is then dried and inspected for any damage including light swirls, scratches, dents, chips and then a detailed log is provided for customer.

Polishing time now, as this car was in very good condition I opted for Menzerna 2500 & 3800 matched with my Flex forced driven polisher and Chemical Guys Hex Logic Quantum's. Once I am happy with how the car is looking I wiped the entire vehicle down with Gyeon Prep and a soft microfibres ready to coat- this step is to remove all oils left from polishing- prep gives me the best cleanest surface ready to apply coatings.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum & Exo was applied to this car, one coat of Crystal Serum and two coats of Exo, we then kept the vehicle in over night to cure before hand over.

This vehicle also had Leather guard applied to all leather surfaces, Gtechniq Wheel Armour to wheels and painted callipers and Gyeon Glass to all glass.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog, if you are interested in having your Audi R8 Ceramic Coated or any other vehicle, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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