Bmw M4

Posted on: June 18, 2024 by Dan

Here we have a beautiful BMW M4 finished San Marino Blue.

Vehicle Overview;

The BMW M4 coupe has a whopping 425 horse power and 406 pound feet of torque from its 3.0 litre turbocharged engine powering the rear wheels.

This vehicle is our customers pride and joy, something to use on weekends so the condition was overall good, it had light swirls and some stone chipping around the common areas such as the lower skirts and a couple on the bonnet.

The Process.
The vehicle was first treated to a deep clean of the exterior, as always this starts off with the wheels and arches. Our product of choice for this was Bilt Hamber Surfex and Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel using the Ez wheel brushes for the harder to reach areas and then Carpro's Wash Gloves for the wheel faces.

Moving on to the body work, applying Gyeon's Bug and grime to the front of the vehicle to help soften and remove bug splatter followed by Bilt Hamber Touchless which is left to dwell followed by a high pressure rinse.

Carpro's Decale is my preferred shampoo for pre details, it great at removing stubborn dirt and gives us a great clean base prior to polishing- this is then followed up with a mixture of Gyeon Iron & Gyeon Tar, although this vehicle was pretty smooth its still an important step in the preparation process.

Once inside the vehicle is dried using a mixture of plush drying towels and our Blo filtered and heated dryer, I would highly recommend these for removing water from grills and those pesky water traps. Once on the ramp car pro's clay cloth and a bottle of purified water with a touch of shampoo to remove any stubborn contamination from both the paintwork and glass.

Polishing starts with our Flex forced driven polisher and a flex 3inch DA for the tighter spots, our weapon of choice was a mixture of Menzerna 300, 2500 and 3800 paired with lake country pads, working from the top down the colour really started to pop, once the cutting and polished was finished we rinsed the car down to remove any polishing dust and applied panel degreaser to remove any residue left from the polishing stage.

The Finishing Steps.
Our customer opted for Suntek paint protection film to be applied on the rear bumper, these are proving very popular and protect the bumper when removing items from the boot, as you can see from the photos below it is almost invisible. Gtechniq Crystal Serum & Exo was the coating of choice, firstly applying Crystal Serum which is then followed up with Exo for ultimate slickness and its repellent properties. Finally we are almost at the finish line, the interior is hoovered and cleaned, tires slicked and glass cleaned ready for customer collection in the morning. As with all our coatings vehicles are kept in our studio for a minimum of 12 hours to give the coatings time to properly bond to the surface. Once collected we followed up with a maintenance guide, product recommendations and offer on going support to help the customer get the most from their coating.

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