Fiat 500 Hayabusa


Here at Kent Detailing Studio we really are spoilt with some of the vehicles we get the oppertunity to work on, from classics to supercars however this Fiat 500 Hayabusa is easily up there in my top 10 favourites so far. Built by the legends at Diminutive restomods this 197hp bike powered Fiat that revs to a massive 11,000 rpm redline- a slight increase from the standard 37hp in came with originally.

We have been lucky to work on a couple of Diminutives vehicles including their supercharged K20 Civic Mini which you can find here.

So lets get started, firstly we take a look around the vehicle, checking for any noticiable damage ir marks and make notes prior to carrying out any work. Following on from this we clean the tiny wheels using a mixture of brushes and wheel cleaners. The paintwork is then soaked in Bilt Hamber Touchless, I find this foam is perfect for removing dirt and grime prior to coating.

Two bucket wash is carried out working top to bottom being sure to get ino all the small gaps these Fiats have. Once cleaned we then carry out a chemical decontamination using Gyeon Tar & Gyeon Iron. After a good rinse down its then driven into the studio ready to be dried off.

Using a mixture of Menzerna polishes and compounds we polish all the exterior painted surfaces to insure the paint is in the best condition prior to coating application, Gyeon prep is then used to remove any polishing oils left behind.

We decided on Gyeon Pure for this vehicle, this was mainly due to how often the vehicle is used and the weather it is exposed too, its unlikely to need a hard coating like Gyeon certified or Mohs.

Final prep carried out, dressing tyres and cleaning glass ready for customers collection.

Thank you for reading (if you got this far) If you are interested in booking your vehicle in for detailing work feel free to get in touch.


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