2014 Audi RS6 - Full Correction Detail & Ceramic Coating


This '64 plate Audi RS6 came into Kent Detailing Studio for a Full Correction Detail with Ceramic Coating using Gtechniq Crystal Serum & Exo.

The car had previously had a ceramic coating applied on inspection as you could see high spots left behind from poor application. We discussed with customer the best approach and agreed on a deep clean to the exterior and interior, full decontamination to the paint work- this consist of Tar and glue remover, Iron fall out and clay bar to remove micro contaminates. We then would multi stage polish across all of the painted surfaces to remove swirls scratches and left over ceramic coating.

The Audi was dropped to us on the Monday with five days to complete, we advise the customer five days although occasionally it can take longer which we advised the customer this would be at our expensive if so- the price we give you is the price it costs regardless of the time scale.

We would normally start with wheels although these would be coming off so we starting with the body of the car. Firstly bug and grime remover on the front bumper, windscreen and mirrors to remover the dead bug splatters the followed by citrus pre wash across the lower half of the vehicle, we then use a snow foam to soften and remove the dirt safety- this is then followed with a good jet wash to remove light dirt from the paint and glass. Two bucket method is used to wash the vehicle working from the top down to remove dirt and grime, brushes are also used in tight areas around window trims and petrol caps.

Following from this is the decontamination stage we do this to remove tar, residue glue and iron fallout- for those who do not know fallout is iron filings from brake dust but also aeroplanes and trains chuck lots of iron filings out so if you have parked close to a train station expect your car to have some filings on the paint. Once this was done we dry the car using a mixture of high quality drying towels and filter air blowers to dry the vehicle, it is then brought inside and lifted up using our ramp.

On this detail the wheels are coming off as mentioned before so we start with removing the wheel and deep cleaning them using a mixture of brushes, mitts and wheel cleaners ready for ceramic coating. Clay barring is a very important step when detailing a car, these bars glide over the surface to remove bonded contaminants from the surface to leave it clean ready for polishing, we clay the full car including glass.

The polishing stage is important for two reasons, firstly to remove swirls, scratches but also to give the ceramic coating the barest form of paint to bond on to, if the paint work is contaminated the ceramic coating will fail so it is important to get this done correctly.

Prep time! Once the car was fully polished we use a product called Gyeon Prep this is designed to wipe away any polishing oils from the paint surfaces which is now ready for the coating stage.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum & Exo Ceramic Coating + Gtechniq C5 for wheels. We apply the Crystal Serum first followed by the exo giving them 24hrs between coats. CSL is the hardener which protects the paint work from bird lime, UV and light scratches where as Exo is the gloss and repellent product keeping the car cleaner for longer and also making it easier to clean when the time comes.

The finishing touches! Wheels are coated and re fitted, interior deep cleaned and protected, tires dressed and glass is clean ready for its final wipe down and customer collection.

Coated cars cannot be washed for 10 days (dependant on brand) We offered this customer a free valet as its free wash, we do this mainly to make sure the coating is working correctly and if there any issues they can be addressed.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog on this Audi rs6 if you would like to purchase any of the items mentioned in the blog I have attached a link below.

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We put together a youtube video on this car which you can watch here


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