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It is not just new cars we do, I have experience working on older vehicles too. I was lucky enough to be asked to work on this stunning Volkswagen Beetle- re painted in =-=-=-== the finish was pretty dull with lots of small scratches and swirls dotted around I knew I could make a huge improvement.

So I set to work, if you have read my other blogs you'll notice they are all pretty similar, regardless of vehicles age or cleanliness we treat them all the same, however older vehicles like this do need some love and care and the softly softly approach.

Washing and Decontamination

We start by cleaning the wheels using a mixture of soft cleaners and brushes, small detailing brushes was great for this. Gyeon Bug and Grime is then applied to the front high impact areas and rinsed (this is a great product for removing dead bugs that get plastered on the front of vehicles.

Valet Pro Citrus wash diluted 10-1 was applied via a IK pump sprayer followed by Gyeon Foam which is left to dwell, whilst this is doing its stuff we use soft detailing brushes around all trims and hard to reach areas. High pressure rinse to remove snow foam and dirt ready for our two bucket method. Shampoo of choice was Gyeon Bathe Essence. Once the vehicle is washed we rinse, apply decontamination chemicals to remove iron fallout and stubborn tar.

This is washed down the vehicle is driven inside our studio in Ellingham industrial estate, Ashford Kent. Once the Beetle was on our ramp we dry the car off using a mixture of air and drying towels to remove water and residue from the wash stage ready for claying. Claying or clay bar is using a block or bar of clay on a vehicles paint work or glass to remove imbedded contamination.

Machine Polishing & Kent Detailing Studio

Machine polishing prior to ceramic coatings is important for lots of reasons, mainly for the removal of scratches, swirls and light marring on the paintwork but also to provide a bare surface for ceramics to bond to. I see lots of detailers in the industry skip this part for speed yet without it your ceramics will never bond correctly.

Ceramic Coatings Applied at Kent Detailing Studio.

My favourite part, the gloss booster the protector and the self healer- the ceramic coating! Most of the gloss is gained when polishing but ceramics do give a nice glow and deepen the gloss and colour. We applied two coats of Gyeon One which is known for its high gloss- a perfect match for this show vehicle. Once left to cure a wipe down of Gyeon Cure is applied to just boost the gloss.

The Final Stages of this Detail

The final stages can make or break any detail, we hoover and deep clean the interior, dress tires and wipe down glass- chrome work is lathered in mothers metal polish to make it glisten. I have to say this is one of my favourite jobs so far which is lucky as it will be returning in 2020 to be re done after some bits and pieces that needed tending too.

Thank you so much for following my journey with Kent Detailing Studio and my blogs. I am a great detailer but a trainee blog writer so if you enjoyed this or any of my other blogs please feel free to let me know via the social media links below.

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