Tesla Model 3 - Correction & New Car Protection Package


This stunning Tesla Model 3 came into Kent Detailing Studio for our Correction & New Car Protection Package.

This customer came to me after finding us online. He had just purchased a brand new tesla model 3 and wanted to give it the ultimate protection possible, after discussing options we agreed on our most comprehensive package which consisted of coatings to paint work, wheels, rubber trim, glass, interior fabric and rubber - basically anything that could be coated we did it, new car protection is important to keep the car in the best state and increase the vehicles value if selling in the future.

The Tesla arrived with us on Monday morning, due to the amount this car required it was booked in for 5 days with us, the car arrived in a pretty good condition with mainly mud and road grime. I took to the wheels first with a light clean as these would be coming off later that day, after the wheels had been cleaned I moved onto the paintwork using a small detailing brush and some all purpose cleaner to agitate areas such as the charging point covers and around mirror casings (anywhere a mitt wouldn't get to effectively).

Once this was done Valet Pro citrus pre wash was applied to the lower halves of the car followed by Bilt Hamber touchless, I use this snow foam on vehicles prior to coating as I find it has superb cleaning ability on unprotected vehicles. The foam is then rinsed off a two bucket method is applied washing the car down from top to bottom, this stage is very important, if the car is polished when dirty it can cause more damage then before.

The Tesla is then decontaminated using a mix of tar removers and fallout my go to is Gyeon here. A final rinse then the vehicle is driven in to the unit and lifted up using our scissor lift and dried using a mixture of filtered air and drying towels. we then use clay lube with a medium clay bar to remove bonded contaminants from the cars paint work and glass, being a new car there is almost none but it is still a very important stage.

On to to the polishing stage! Tesla are pretty known for their low paint level and defects from factory, I carried out a full health check of the paintwork and marked out any deep marks with a small bit of tape, these would then have more aggressive polishing done first to level out the scratches. Menzerna 2500 was used after this giving this Tesla a high gloss finish ready for coating.

Gyeon prep designed to remove oil residue from the polishing stage and really any grease or marks left prior to coating, the base you coat on is important for durability. Gtechniq Crystal Serum firstly then the following morning Exo was applied. Whilst we waited for the paint coatings to cure we coat all wheels, fabric matts, rubber matts, leather and glass.

The final few hours prior to collection, wheels are refitted and tyres are dressed- I opted for Gyeon Tire and I like the gloss plus longevity this coating offers. The car is given a final wipe down with a plush microfibre to remove any dust or residue and then lowered down from the ramp- we had Joe pop down and take some photos of the finished car which you will see below, he is an amazing photographer and if you would like any photos done please contact us and we can pass on his details- these have also been supplied to customer.

I hope you have enjoyed reading up on this beautiful Tesla model 3, you can find more of our blogs in the link below. If you have a Tesla or any vehicle you would like to book in at Kent Detailing Studio please get in touch.


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