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Full Detail

The Full Detail This option is for those looking to give their vehicle a deep clean, the vehicle is left with us to carry out deep cleaning to the exterior and interior. You can book extras such as engine bay cleaning, fabric seat wet vacuum and leather deep clean and conditioning.
Starting from £90

What's Included

What's included in the Wash stage?

Firstly we start with the wheels, using a mixture of wheel and tire brushes mixed with wheel cleaners and degreasers cleaning the wheels, barrels and arches. following this we rinse each wheel to remove loose dirt and grim.

Gyeon Bug and grime remover is sprayed onto the front of the vehicle and left to dwell to soften any bugs or splatter. Citrus pre wash and snow foams are applied to the entirety of the vehicle to aid dirt removal prior to washing, this stage is important to reduce the risk of swirls and scratches in the washing stage, this is then rinsed off using high pressure water.

Two bucket method using Gyeon Bathe Essence Shampoo and a microfibre wash mitt washing from the top of your vehicle downwards rinsing the mitt after each panel across the whole vehicle.

High pressure rinse using our Kranzle K7 making light work of shampoo and dirt removal.


What's included in the Decontamination stage?

Decontamination is important to get a great finish, we use chemicals to remove tar. iron filings and sap from your paint work. First Gyeon Tar is applied and allowed to soften the tar, we then agitate the tar remover with a soft microfibre to remove the more stubborn tar. once this is rinsed off we follow up with Gyeon Iron remover, this is applied across the painted surfaces and wheels and again rinsed off.   Vehicle is then brought inside to be dried using Blo dryers and drying towels.

What's included in the Polishing stage?

Polishing can be added as an additional extra to enhance gloss and remove light swirls, this can be done by hand or machine.

What's included in the Protection stage?

Protecting your vehicle from the elements will not only keep your car cleaner but will also likely increase your vehicles value when you come to sell.

Dependant on what protection product is required we will apply spray sealants like Gyeon Can Coat or Gyeon Hybrid wax.


What's included in the Finishing stage?

Interiors get hovered using our powerful flex hoover . We also use all purpose cleaners to clean plastic surfaces down and leave the interior as clean as possible.

Tires are dressed using Gyeon Tire. Glass is cleaned and any final last touches are seen to0.

Audi r8 outside Kent detailing studio in Ashford Kent

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