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We offer a comprehensive car and vehicle detailing service that covers all the bases. Whether you have a brand new car that you're looking to protect, or a 30 year old classic that you're looking to correct and enhance, we have the detailing service for you. You can simply book a pre-built package, or you can create a package that suits your requirements. Simply visit our service pages below, or head straight over to our Booking page.
Starting from £500

What's Included

What's included in the Wash stage?

The wash stage is the most important stage of any detail. Your vehicle will receive a deep clean top to bottom prior to entering our bay.

We start with jet washing the loose dirt around wheel arches and lower trims, followed by wheel & arch cleaners to get in to all the nooks and crannies. After this a generous mixture of pre washes and snow foams are applied to the vehicle whilst using a soft detailing brush to clean around trims and tight areas then rinsed to remove loose grime. Two bucket method carried out from top to bottom using ultra soft wash mitts and pads followed again by a further rinse ready for decontamination

What's included in the Decontamination stage?

Decontamination is designed to remove in-beaded contaminants and dirt from the paintwork. Often iron filings, tar, and sap are present. To remove these we use a mixture of fallout removers followed up by a tar & glue remover and a good rinse to remove excess product, it is at this point the vehicle is ready to enter the unit and dried using a mixture of soft drying towels and filtered heated air. Once dried a clay lubricant and clay bar is used to pick up any remaining contaminants.

What's included in the Polishing stage?

Polishing is required on all vehicles for coatings to bond correctly and to remove swirls and scratched. Dependant on the vehicles paint quality and hardness a preferred polish and pad combo will be chosen to correct or enhance the vehicle- this is an important step and will increase the gloss levels of your vehicle.

What's included in the Protection stage?

At this stage your vehicle will be wiped down using panel prep to remove any oil residue left behind by polishing and also any light dust or smudges. This will give us a perfectly clean base to apply coatings to.

What's included in the Finishing stage?

The final stage, really this is just to perfect the final finish, hoover the interior, clean the plastics or leather and clean the glass. Exterior glass is cleaned, wheels are dressed and exhausts are polished ready for customer arrival.

Audi r8 outside Kent detailing studio in Ashford Kent

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