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Glass Ceramic Coating

Kent Detailing Studio offer glass ceramic coatings using Gyeon View. It remains on the most intensely used windscreen for up to 12 months, at the same time ensuring an undiminished water repellency. On the side windows, it can be maintained for up to 36 months. IMPROVES SAFETY Q² View’s primary task is to increase the safety of you and your passengers as well as the comfort of driving in difficult road conditions. We assume that the worse the road conditions, the more the driver should be focused on the driving. Q² View provides a much better view of the road by keeping the windows clean, repelling water and dirt and through that increasing its transparency SELF CLEANING Q² View repels both water and dirt from the glass surface. In rainy or night conditions, it offers invaluable assistance, as the driver will notice any obstacles or dangers much sooner.
Starting from £40

What's Included

What's included in the Wash stage?


What's included in the Decontamination stage?


What's included in the Polishing stage?


What's included in the Protection stage?


What's included in the Finishing stage?


Audi r8 outside Kent detailing studio in Ashford Kent

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