What is a ceramic coating

Posted on: November 17, 2021 by Dan

What is a ceramic coating? for most people that are new to the detailing industry or products can find it confusing and its understandable, with so many different brands and claims we are here to try and simplify that for you.

Ceramic coatings are chemical polymer solutions that are applied to the paint work of your vehicle which creates a tough hydrophobic barrier. Due to the way it bonds and creates a new layer the original paintwork is unaffected. These ceramics once applied offer a smooth "like glass" finish.

What are the benefits of ceramic coatings?

Ceramic coatings have tons of benefits and other then the obvious like making cleaning your car far easier here is a few more that may help you further.

UV surprisingly are a issue for cars as you and I require sun screen or protection so does your vehicle! Ceramic coatings offer one of the highest levels of UV protection and can keep your car looking glossy for far longer than waxes.

Chemical stains or etching. We have all had it, just cleaned the car and an hour later bird lime appears on the bonnet- it happens but the acid natural of bird lime can eat into the clear coating pretty quickly and its important it is removed, ceramic coatings can help with this though!

The barrier created by them can withstand most if not all bird poo droppings, obviously not for ever but they give you some extra time to wipe it off before it starts to damage the clear. But its not just this, tree sap, tar and even iron fallout from your brakes can be tricky- ceramic coatings will also help protect your paintwork from this.

Gloss! We all like our cars to look the cleanest in the car park and who wouldn't not only do ceramic coatings offer amazing protection to your paint it also enhances it offering maximum gloss so you can stand out in a crowd.

Hydrophobic properties are handy for a couple reasons, firstly it looked cool but mainly for the self cleaning abilities- ceramic coatings can stop dirt and grime from sticking to the paint work keeping your car cleaner for longer! Some Ceramics also have the ability to self heal from light swirls and scratches.

The downside to ceramic coatings

With everything there are pros and cons, here are some of the small negatives.

The car still needs washing, some companies more so dealerships will tell you they do not but they do, maybe slightly less and easier but dirt will still end up on the car its a fact.

Protection from all types of scratches and swirl marks, ceramics do have some form of scratch resistance but there is a limit, most minor marks caused by poor washing will be fine but deeper marks will hit the paintwork.

Water spotting also cannot be avoided. The minerals in rain water sit on the paintwork after the water has evaporated, this would happened regardless but its good to note.

What are the best coatings to buy?

Often we get asked "what are the best Ceramic Coatings available" for us personally Gtechniq Crystal Serum & Exo is by far the best ceramic coating on the market. and is easily purchasable from Amazon with next day shipping.

Is ceramic coating worth it?

Well.. Yes, in our opinion even with the short amount of negatives coatings can help increase the value of your car when its time to sell up and also keep it well maintained in your possession. It will make the job of cleaning and maintaining far less tedious so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

However its not a one stop solution, but its in our opinion the closest you will get and if there was it would be unlikely you would be reading this.

If you like the idea of getting a ceramic coating and would like to discuss it with us further feel free to get in touch with us. Keep following our website for more guides, blogs not only from us but hopefully in the future from a whole host of people sharing similar interests and knowledge.

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