Why Paint Protection Film?

Posted on: April 19, 2024 by Dan

Paint Protection Film is the ultimate in vehicle protection however many people do not fully understand what paint protection film is or "PPF" for short.

Lets start with the key benefits of PPF;

Self Healing Properties.
Not all but most are self healing, either by using heat guns or just from the sun, if you get butch marks or light scratches that do not break through the PPF you can repair these by simply applying heat.

Paint protection films are far more durable then traditional waxes and even ceramic coatings. Suntek offer 10 year manufactures warranty, the best bit about ppf is once you are done with the vehicle you can simply peel the film off.

Preventing Stone Chips & Scratches.
Unlike ceramic coatings paint protection film is capable of protecting from stone chips and even scuffs, as long as the film is intact it can often just be replaced protecting the paint worth underneath.


although limited there are some downsides and really the only one we can see is price, paint protection film is far more expenses compared to ceramic coatings so would not be the best choice for every customer.

Areas worth applying paint protection film to.

Exterior & Interior gloss piano plastics- although these look great they really do not hold up well and look tired pretty fast.

Luggage Protector Strips- pulling items in and out of your boot the chances of catching the bumper is pretty high, protect yours now with one of our protector strip, they are custom made for each vehicle.

Interior Screens- many have screen protectors on their phones but not in their cars, these can be very costly if they get damaged, protector yours now with either or gloss or matte screen protectors.

Full Front End- Stone chips are a nightmare, protect your investment with our full front end PPF kits, custom made for each vehicle.

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